That’s quite a vague title name…

This past week and weekend was good. As some of you may know, I am LDS (Latter-Day Saint) or “Mormon.” Being so, I watch General Conference. What’s that you ask? Well, let me tell you.

General Conference is an opportunity that comes twice a year for members of the LDS Church to listen to our church leaders. It happens on a Saturday and Sunday, in 4 two-hour sessions. That may seem like a lot, but it’s worth it. It’s a great opportunity to listen to the Lord through his mortal leaders. It’s a great way to receive revelation to questions that need to be answered. (Click here for more information.)

I went up north with my girlfriend and stayed at her grandparents’ home. It was a nice visit and I even met her family. I met just about the entire family! Luckily I fit right in with their personalities. I enjoyed myself and her family even likes me. 😉

As for my tiny house, I’m hoping to start building it next year. It will all depend on what happens within the next few months, but I will keep the internets updated on my progress.


Non-Chemical Building

Please watch this video if you are considering building a TH (Tiny House/Home) that has either no or little added chemicals in the materials. Click here.

This video has been rather informative and the narrator, Brad Kittel, begs the viewers, in the name of your children, to build a TH out of non-chemical based materials. He does this throughout the entire video, but while being in an Airstream he states that heavy gasses (either from materials giving off gas or from other sources) sink. Where are most children when they’re playing? On the ground where the gasses are. This I didn’t know.

My challenge, as with Brad, is to try to build with non-chemical based materials. Search landfills, junk yards, or even places where old buildings are being torn down. I really enjoyed this video. Most of his THs are built from salvaged material. I agree with most of that. I understand where he is coming from, but I believe that some modern materials can be bought that weren’t made from harmful chemicals. Hopefully I can find such materials.

Here is another post of a chemical free TH built by Corrine.

I say that it’s worth a try. Are you with me?