Low Immunity

“We may have the true gospel but the temptations and problems are the same for all of us” (Link). How true is that! We’re not immune from the worries and woes of the world. We’re not invincible. We too can be hurt and harmed from the world’s lies and temptations.

However, there are ways to “beef up” our immunity level. Many of us could name a few reasons, but stop to actually think about those answers. When you say “read your scriptures” are you actually understanding what that means? Now I know I’m not the best at studying my own scriptures, but I try. I find that attending an institute class is a great way to help with studying your scriptures.

Now I don’t want to call anyone out on what they should or should not be doing, but sometimes life calls for us to take a step back and reflect on how we are actually doing. You never know what you’d find if you only reflected for a little bit.


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