France and then some

First I pose a question; who reads this blog? I don’t mind writing for the internet, but having an actual audience is nice.

I’ve been in France for a little over a week now and that’s about half way through of my trip here. I just wish that I could permanently extend this trip. I seem to have fallen in love with France. It’s a little strange to feel so at ease here when I’ve never been here before. Maybe it reminds me my mission in Brazil. The setting is different, the rules are different, but the feel is about the same. I’m away from my home nation, essentially alone and learning a new way of life. I can make my way around town rather easily and I have a nice grasp on the language. (Although I need to learn to say “pardon” whenever I don’t understand someone instead of giving them a blank stare.) I truly enjoyed my mission and I’d love to return to Brazil soon. However, my mind (and perhaps my heart) is set on France. I haven’t been to Paris yet, so I have no solid opinion of that city yet. 

I thought I had a lot to say when I started this post, but words escape me. I feel that I have a few different options to choose from for where I’ll go in life. I don’t feel lost, but I feel that I don’t quite know which path is the best for me. I graduate this December and after that my plans essential stop. I have the goal to stay at my current work for at least a year, but I don’t really see myself staying for too long. Perhaps I’m used to change and I can’t settle on one thing. I’m used to the school year and changing things around when it ended. As mentioned earlier, I’d love to stay in France and I’m doing what I can to make that dream come true. The earliest it could come true is 2015, which is a little too far away for my liking.

Life has a way of teaching you lessons. Patience is a continuos one that it teaches me. Allow me to let you into my life for a little bit. Ever since I returned from my mission (Aug. 2012) I’ve had one thing on my mind; marriage. As of right now, I haven’t been granted that privilege. This year, however, it has been made known to me that marriage isn’t something that needs to be entirely on my mind. Rather I should focus on my schoolwork. That’s a little hard to do, but I try. I even decided to take a break from dating and it has set me in the mindset of “I’ll see where life takes me.” I do want to date, but I’m not as eager as I once was.

My wish is to find where I properly belong and fit (in the temporal sense) and to be happy. I may not have found my resting place, but I’ll keep searching.


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