The Art of Taking Things Slow

The title itself can bring sadness to your heart. Sorry. Personally, if things could work out for the better by acting quickly (in a relationship) then I’m all for that. However you think of it, taking it slowly has been proven to work out better in the end for both sides of the relationship. So, what’s my point for today? I want to give advice to both boys and girls on how to take things slow and some things to do in between.

1. Listen to “Blessed” by Brett Dennen. That may not seem related to the topic, but listen to his lyrics and you’ll learn to love the small things.

2. Do something unforgettable when you see the one you like/love. Especially when you can’t see your favorite person on a daily basis. From experience, my day has been made when a certain someone has said that she wants to see me (even for a quick moment) or she just wants to do homework with me. “The night will stay on his [her] mind for a while, and so will you.” Even a small act of kindness can go a long way.

3. Take the “Love Language” test. What test is that? It’s a test that helps you find out how you show affection. Mine, for instance, is “Quality Time.” That means that I enjoy spending time with my favorite person. AKA doing HW with her. It’s a good idea to take this test and to have your fav. person take it too. By learning his/her language, you can show affection through his/her way.

4. Give your undivided attention. Want to take it slow, but still want your (wo)man to be interested in you to keep coming back? Then give him/her your attention. Give them (this word is easier to use and to type than to use ‘him/her’ every time…) your focus. Look into their eyes; flirt your heart out! Prove that you like them and they’ll come back.

5. Keep the communication flowing. You may not need to text everyday, all day, but text sparingly. Show that you like to converse with them and be sure to help the conversation to keep going. For the impatient people, when you send a text WAIT for them to respond. It can startle people when you send too many texts in row. Show that you’re patient.

6. Invite them to activities. Since my Love Language is “Quality Time” I’m not too picky on what activity I’m invited to, as long as I can be with my favorite person. If your roommates are watching a movie, invite your fav. person. A bunch of you are going to get ice cream, invite your fav. person. Whatever the activity, just invite.

7. Keep the conversation light. This one is really based on preference and how well you know the other person. If you’re still figuring out your emotional state with your favorite person, then keep the convo light. Show that you’re funny and can have a good laugh. I’ve had some great moments with her because we laugh at almost anything. It’s great. You may want to save some of the “deeper issues” until you two have decided to go forth in a relationship.

8. Limit your PDA. In essence, just be careful with what you do. If you want them to stick around, then don’t jump straight to kissing, etc. Show that you’re interested, but limit yourself. Especially if you want to wait to have a relationship. PDA also shows to other people that the two of you are a couple. If that’s what you want, then don’t let me stop you. Otherwise, keep it light and limited.


Those were just 8 things that I came up with/pulled from the internet. Remember that these are opinions and shouldn’t be taken as any form of doctrine. Feel free to use what I’ve said as a basis for your own opinions etc. Other then that, good luck!


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