How can I ask her out?



Well, that’s simple.

Today’s topic comes from a handful of websites. (I probably should include a link list on the blog to all my resources.)

Here are some steps to follow that can help you ask that cute girl out on a date. Remember that these are possible steps and should be used as needed. Everyone is different and how you ask a girl out is different than how I’d ask someone out. Either way, let’s continue.

  1. Plan the basics. What will you do on the date? When will it be? Where will it be? How much would it cost? Ask yourself these questions before you ask her out. It’s good to have a plan before asking. Make sure that this first date is in a public place. I’m assuming that the two of you have never met before, so taking her to a public place can show that you care for her safety.
  2. Talk to her. That may sound simple, but believe me, it never is. I’ve lost many opportunities to ask a girl out because I didn’t open my mouth. Don’t be a chicken; just say “hi” and that should spark a conversation. The image above is pulled from a WikiHow article on how to ask a girl out. The images are funny, but the advice is sound. “Don’t worry about coming up with something overly clever. Simply say ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey.’ As the conversation moves forward you can give her a compliment or ask her a question.”
  3. Ask her out. Now that you’ve started a conversation with her and have be able to get to know here a little, it’s time to ask her out on a date. All you have to say is “Would you like to go on a date with me on _______?” (That blank is for the day that you planned in step 1.)
  4. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It is possible that she will say “no.” If that’s the case, you can see if a different day would work better for her. (That is if she’s says she’s busy that day.) Don’t push the subject if she declines a second time. Just be civil and keep the conversation going (if wanted.)


  5. After the “yes.” The story continues, she said “yes.” Now, be sure to get her number. You’ll want to confirm the date about a day or two in advance to make sure that she can still go out with you. You can even ask for her address when you ask for her number. Or you can wait to call her later in the week to remind her of the date and to ask for her address.
  6. Should I ask her out again? That really depends on how the first date went. If it went well, then go for it! Ruthie Dean says that you should ask her out again within three days. I’ve been told to wait a week. That all depends on you. If there was “clicking” going on, then why wait the week? I’d ask her out again after 3 days. What’s the worse that could happen besides here saying “no?”

Here’s a quote from Ruthie Dean’s article on asking girls out. It served the purpose of closing her article, and I shall do the same:

Remember you are not asking her to marry you, its just coffee, or a drink, or dinner, it’s not a marriage proposal. You are not locked into a long-term contract. But the purpose of dating is to figure out what you like, enjoy time with the other person, and learn the skills necessary to develop healthy relationships with women. If you can’t muster up the courage to call her, then you aren’t ready to date. 

(I don’t fully agree with that last sentence, but it’s something to think about.)


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