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Hiroshima: Before and After

Dreams aren’t just for your pillow. Dreams are ways to accomplish goals and move forward in life. Sometimes our dreams are accomplished and sometimes they aren’t. Some are even taken away from us without warning. Such dreams were those of Hiroshima when was bombed. The profile image shows how devastating the bombing of Hiroshima was. (Photo)

The most I know about Hiroshima is that it was bombed by the USA and that the radiation effected many people afterwards. but what was the city like before it was hit? What kind of history does it have? What kind of culture existed? Does that same culture exist to today?

These questions and more I want to answer when I visit Hiroshima. I’ve always been fascinated to learn more about Japan and its culture. I can have an opportunity this December to fulfill that dream of mine.

How can you help make this dream come true? In order to go to Hiroshima, my brother (who has agreed to travel with me) need your help in raising the funds necessary to pay the program fee to stay with a Japanese family (in a home-stay program) and to purchase our plane tickets. The funds raised will only be used towards:

A) the program fee
B) Plane tickets
C) Train tickets to travel between home-stay cities
D) A cooking and calligraphy course (which we will attend while in Japan)
E) To purchase the reward gifts.
E) Any other fees will be covered by personal funds.

We plan on going December 13-22 (that way we can be home for Chirstmas.) The home-stay program fee is due November 14. If we can’t reach out goal by then, we will save the funds and use it for a summer trip.

There are rewards for those who sponsor this educational trip! All need to fit into our luggage, so make sure to choose the one you want before it goes!

Thanks to all that sponsor this trip! Without you guys, we’d never be able to make it to Japan this December!

Thank you!

-Jordan & Jackson


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