Please allow me to clarify a previous post:

So here’s my answer; I figure that she needs to be willing to go on a blind date willingly. She should also be able to hold a conversation. Frankly, I have a hard time at times holding my end of the conversation. If a girl can ask questions to keep the conversation lively, then be my guest. I also would like my date to be funny. I tend to make corny/punny jokes. If she laughs at one, then she’s hooked and I’ll keep dishing them out. I have a limited set of jokes, so yeah… A simple smile works too. Being around sad people just makes the day depressing. I love to have fun and to enjoy myself; despite that I’m an introvert.

Please note that these “qualities” are not required by me. I was merely answering a question that was posed. Please don’t feel obligated to find someone who fits the “qualities” that are listed above; that is not necessary. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, or opinions, that you have. I’m more than willing to hear you out. Please remember that the 31 Dates is a way for me to meet new friends and to have fun.


In other news, since yesterday I’ve received texts from friends that have said that they have people that are willing to go on a date with me. Just this morning, “Sarah” said that she has about 5 friends that want to go on a date with me. To me that’s flattering. Maybe they’re doing it out of sympathy or because they want a date. Whatever their reason, it doesn’t matter to me.


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