My Passion

I have a passion for graphic design. I love my major and I love designing things. In fact, I’ll even do free designs (sometimes) with the hope that by doing so, I can get my name and art into the world.

I also seem to have a passion for talking about relationships. For example, just yesterday I spent some time listening to my friend talk about her life and what’s going on in it in relation to relationships. I enjoy listening and I try to give the best advice that I can. I’ve had relationship talks with a bunch of my friends and I don’t think I’d ever stop (maybe I will when I marry, but who knows?)

Since my long-term goal is marriage, I feel perfectly fine talking and discussing relationships with people. That’s probably what I’m most open about with my friends. I once told someone that I share information about my relationships with people that A) I trust and B) I like (either as a friend or more.)

What about you readers? What things are you passionate about? I have a bunch of page views, but no comments. Come on people, this blog isn’t just for me to talk about my life; it’s about helping others with dating/relationship stuff.

Also, two of the date days are taken. You better put things into high-gear if you want a certain date day. The 1st will probably be taken later today, so I’m reserving that one.


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