What’s your type?

Yesterday during church, I was “recruiting.” That’s the best word I have to put there, so bear with me. I was talking with a friend about the 31 Dates idea and that I needed his help in finding dates. After a little bit he asked me, “What’s your type?” At first I didn’t know how to answer him. What did he mean? He meant that what kind of girl should he look for to go on a date with me. OH! Now I understand.

So here’s my answer; I figure that she needs to be willing to go on a blind date willingly. She should also be able to hold a conversation. Frankly, I have a hard time at times holding my end of the conversation. If a girl can ask questions to keep the conversation lively, then be my guest. I also would like my date to be funny. I tend to make corny/punny jokes. If she laughs at one, then she’s hooked and I’ll keep dishing them out. I have a limited set of jokes, so yeah… A simple smile works too. Being around sad people just makes the day depressing. I love to have fun and to enjoy myself; despite that I’m an introvert.

So readers, what kind of dates do you like to go on? I want to hear your thoughts and maybe one of your favorite dates will become mine…


UPDATE: The 22nd is taken. Best be quick in setting me up on dates. Feel free to look at the calendar and choose the best day/date idea for you or your friend. The more blind dates I have, the better!


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